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    I´m a SEO consultant in Albuquerque and I´m able to make rank your site to improve optimization in search engines.

    I´m Alberto Fernández  and as a computer engineer and director in the ingenieroSEO agency based in Spain, I´ve been performing my roll as a SEO specialist in different companies in all Albuquerque, making me obtain experience in different areas and getting results during the last 12 years.

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    Albuquerque SEO Freelance


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    City in New Mexico

    Albuquerque, New Mexico's largest city, sits high in the desert. Its modern downtown core contrasts with the old city of Albuquerque, founded in 1706 as a Spanish colony. The old city is filled with historic adobe buildings, such as the San Felipe de Neri Church, five museums and stores selling Native American crafts. Nearby is the Pueblo Indian Cultural Center that traces the area's tribal history.

    Population: 559.374 (2019)

    Postal codes: 87101-87125; 87131; 87144; 87151; 87153; 87154; 87158; 87165; 87174; 87176; 87181; 87184; 87185; 87187; 87190-87199

    You will count with my expertise as an Albuquerque SEO freelancer, being me the only person managing your project, working with your team to achieve results together, so if you need a real SEO specialist in Albuquerque, I´m your guy.

    I´m constantly learning and training myself because I have to teach other people and my company team, spread all over the world.

    Some aspects that can make you hire a freelance SEO expert in Albuquerque are:

    • The person who works on your project is the person you hire.
    • Constant comunication with your SEO professional.
    • Specialized knowledge.
    • Direct involvement and commitment with your project.
    • No extra costs in the final budget

    In our wide portfolio, you can find lots of our SEO clients satisfied with their results.

    Real results by increasing traffic + leads + sales

    20.000 39.000 58.000 Oct 18Dic 19ingenieroSEO10-dic-2018Start of SEO strategy execution ingenieroSEO01-nov-2019Phase 1 delivery
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    Methodology of work

    We are commited and dedicated with all the projects we work on, so we don´t work with packs. We recognize the differences of each website, for instance, each one of them has different objectives. For that we offer you a personalized work plan in order to cover your needs in the following way:

    First Session

    We schedule a first interview where we will ask you everything about your project, so at the end we will analize the SEO part of your website.

    Initial setup and objectives

    Understanding your needs and the objectives of your business, we can make recommendations of improvement.

    Technical audit

    When we talk about SEO optimization, we are referring to the technical part of your web development and the fullfilment of the needed requirements for this to be recognized by search engines.


    We need to know our users, what they write and how and we also need to know our competitors in order to identify available opportunities to proceed in our work.

    User and Keyword Research

    The base of any organic visibility is to know what users are writing in search engines, and how they are doing it.

    Competitive benchmarking

    You need to know your online competition and the strategies they are using because this information will determine what we will do next.


    When we talk about optimization we talk about your content and the position it has on the Internet.

    Monitoring and reporting

    You will handle all the documents I work with, like the statistics of improvements your site is having.

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    Search Engine Optimization in Albuquerque

    In Albuquerque, you will count with a specialized SEO team, implicated into the formulation of a work strategy in order to make your website get more visibility on the Internet.

    • Alberto Fernández: Freelance SEO Director in Albuquerque.
    • Our bilingual SEO content team will apply copywriting techniques to your content.
    • Link building and communication team.
    • Development team: they´ll perform technical optimizations.

    As a SEO Consultant in Albuquerque, I know details that can make a difference for your business and cause an impact on the internet by an increasing of profitability of your site.

    Albuquerque SEO Services

    The main part of our work is to know when to prioritize actions in an order that let us achieve a huge impact on the business, in the shortest time. Analizing your needs and the situation of your project, I will create a plan and an SEO strategy for your business in Albuquerque.

    Keyword Research & Strategy

    As your SEO specialist in Albuquerque, I will obtain the keywords your users are looking for in the search engines, finding and considering related searches to your business and creating a keyword universe to forge the base of our SEO strategy.

    Link Building

    To have different links from different sites that add value to your business, is one of the main parts into a SEO strategy. This helps obtaining an organical optimization for your site and profiles, at the same time allows your users to find you in differents pages related to your business.

    Technical SEO

    As an Albuquerque SEO consultant I can make it easier for the search engines to find and understand your website by solving any optimization error.

    Local SEO

    I will get a higher local SEO traffic to your business by the improvement of your Google My Business profile and your website. These actions allows getting more visibility than your local competition.

    On-Page SEO

    The optimization of different factors like HTML, allows search engines to understand and interpret your content, and for instance, your site.

    SEO Competition Analysis

    When the following actions are not clear, it is necessary to analize what your competitors are doing, in order to have an idea of what we should do next.

    eCommerce SEO

    Stores are easy SEO projects with an easy way of measure their impact. In this particular matter, SEO campaigns can be used as a way to connect with clients or to sell products, making them a good target for SEO optimization.

    SEO Content Writing

    With my team, personally trained by me, we will achieve the creation of content that respond to the needs of your clients by healing their pain points through an optimized SEO reading.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    When we already got the traffic, we need to improve our convertion rate to fulfill our business objectives.

    Franchise SEO

    You should establish local SEO strategies to build a strong brand in order to achieve results in every location.


    These can be considered tools at the moment of talking about managing content. With them it is easier to get organic traffic, specially when you know all their details and you can take advantage of it.

    Amazon SEO

    As your SEO Expert in Albuquerque, I will optimize the lists of products and descriptions through Amazon Marketing SEO techniques.

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    Is it possible to do SEO in Albuquerque outside the U.S.?

    At this moment I work for companies in three different continents in the World. So I don´t need to be in person to do my job.

    How much would it cost to position my brand in Albuquerque?

    First, I analize your business and competitors in Albuquerque. Considering the time and needs you have, I´ll give an estimate of the plan we should follow.