Advertising on Google Ads

Advertising on Google and all the advertising networks it has created for advertisers

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1. Google Ads campaign management

Google Adwords or Google Ads, as it is currently known, is the Google platform that we use to launch and manage advertising campaigns and ads on Google’s own platforms (its search engine, Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps…) and on its network of partner advertisers, pages that do not belong to the Mountain View giant through Google Adsense, for example.

2. Steps to manage Google Adwords campaigns


We define the most appropriate strategy for your needs and business objectives, looking for the maximum profitability of the project.

Keyword research:

Which searches are we really interested in appearing in? We will validate them with you.

Landing Pages

We will analyze the URLs where users who click on our ads will arrive, making the corresponding recommendations for improvement.

Create ads and campaigns:

We will create an optimized structure of the campaigns, ads and keywords that interest us to achieve maximum relevance and save unnecessary costs.

Where and when will they appear?

We will study the most appropriate geographic locations, languages, devices and schedules for our potential users.

Advertising design and copy

We will make a proposal of the different ads of each campaign that we want to launch. We will validate with you that it follows the communication bases of the company.

Campaign optimization:

We will apply constant improvements aimed at reducing campaign costs (reduce cost per click, increase CTR, improve quality levels...)


We will analyze the results and present them to you along with new recommendations for improvement.

3. Types of campaigns in Google Ads

Search Network Campaigns

They are activated according to the search performed by users. They are usually text ads that will be displayed in Google search results, on Google Shopping, on Google Maps or on search partners. Objective: to get leads or sales.

Display Network Campaigns

They show advertisements to users as they browse the Internet without them having shown a clear interest in that product or service. They are usually image, text, rich media or video ads. They are shown on websites where Google ads are embedded, in the video section of the search engine, in mobile applications, Youtube, Blogger, Google Finance and Google Maps. Objective: branding and increased visibility.

Shopping Campaigns

Designed to advertise products from online stores. Ads will appear when the user performs related searches for that product on Google. The ad contains a photo of the product, name, price and the name of the store that sells the product. Not available in all countries. It only appears on Google and Google search partner websites. Objective: to get more sales.

Video Campaigns

Display specifics. They are shown to the user without them showing a specific interest in that product or service, although they can be shown following certain audience segmentations by interest. The same types of ads can be used as in Display campaigns and can be shown in Google search results, the Display network, videos, applications, Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Google Finance and Google Maps. Objective: branding and increased visibility.

Application campaigns

They show ads for mobile applications when the user performs a search or directly on sites that have some kind of relationship with the application we want to advertise. Objective: to promote a PPP for users to download.

Remarketing campaigns

(They are part of the Search, Display and Video campaigns) allow us to show ads to users who have already visited our website. It is used to “catch up” users who have left our site without fulfilling the objective.

4. How can we help you grow?

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1. Ads Campaign Management

2. Steps in Google Ads

3. Types of campaigns

4. How can we help you grow?

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