SEO Copywriting

Optimized SEO content writing and copywriting techniques aimed at maximizing the conversion of your products or services

1. What is SEO content and copywriting?

We make content oriented to positioning and conversion (copywriting). The objective is to ATTRACT your ideal audience and provide them with VALUE to convert those users who come to our website into customers and create BRAND awareness. The vast majority of our clients need it.

What is copywriting? It is a set of persuasion techniques when writing any kind of content for your website, aimed at getting your potential customers to meet the objectives you have prepared for them. We also have to make a great effort to analyze and structure in the most optimal way each of the contents that your website has to have.

We are your solution if you need content but do not have the human resources and/or advanced knowledge of optimization and persuasion to write it in the right way.

What makes us different from content platforms and businesses?

  • We are not sellers or resellers of text.
  • We do not sell texts or fill out websites. We sell quality SEO processes, persuasion techniques, analysis and content.
  • We are a SEO agency that offers the service with which it has been achieving demonstrable results for over 10 years.
  • Our own staff is trained in SEO internally.
  • We make a great effort in the initial phases of briefing our clients and documentation to align it with basic SEO processes such as keyword studies and headline structuring, looking for the best way to add value to users.
  • We are 100% up to date with the evolution of search engines, what works and what doesn’t, with the training and continuous improvement corresponding to our writing teams.

2. SEO writing process

One of the advantages of having a SEO agency when writing your content is that we have all the protocols completely established and internalized. We will work with you as we do with all our clients in other areas.

The creation of content follows the following phases:

Initial briefing and analysis of Search Intent

We need to know your business as well as you do. Therefore, we will ask you a series of questions aimed at knowing as much as possible about your project, your potential customers, your objectives... Everything that will help us to write as you would. We also need to analyze the search intention of the users for the content you want to generate.

Professional journalistic documentation:

Our team includes several qualified Spanish journalists, who carry out all the previous documentation work about the subject you want us to write about. There is nobody better than them to search and contrast sources, don't you think?

Keyword research

If you want, you can tell us what your target keywords are or, if you prefer, we can search for them for you. In both cases, our SEO specialists will send you a complete keyword study, including the traffic and difficulty of each one of them. Let us advise you, we have been doing it for more than 12 years!

Title proposal:

The title of a text is the first thing both your potential readers and search engines see, so it has to be designed to make both of you fall in love. We will propose the most suitable titles for each type of content so that it meets its objective perfectly.

Hierarchy of headings:

Once the title of your text has been established, we will design the structure it should have, with each of its headings organized in a hierarchical way. Having your texts written by SEO professionals has its advantages 😉

Content Calendar Validation:

Of course, you have the last say. We can guide you based on our experience and knowledge, but no one is more appropriate than you to decide whether our proposals are suitable for your project or not. Therefore, before we start writing, we will ask you to approve our proposal.

Specialized editors:

More than ten years of experience in content marketing have led us to create a solid team specialized in different subjects. Do not hesitate to leave your project in the hands of the most qualified writer according to the subject. Do you need a specialist in a specific subject? We have collaborated in many projects led by real professionals from more than 20 sectors. If not, we will find you a specialist who can generate the content you need.

Double correction:

Because two pairs of eyes are better than one, all of our content undergoes a double-checking process, in which our editing team thoroughly reviews such important aspects of your texts as: spelling and typographical correction, style and voice check to ensure that they are perfectly in line with the client's instructions, and structure check.

3. Extra Services

Do you want more? We can offer you all of these extra services:

  • Uploading of content to the web. If you prefer, we can also take care of uploading and publishing the content directly on your website or blog so you don’t have to worry about anything.


(valid for WordPress, PrestaShop and Magento, other platforms please consult)

  • Semantic optimization. We work on the text at a semantic level for both the entities of each article and so that the relation to others are appropriate for each subject. We manage to make the article much more relevant for search engines without having to repeat the same word over and over again. We will create content for semantically understandable pages. TF IDF? It’s not as simple as that.
    Magic? No, simply SEO.

RATE: 0.02 $ / word

  • Algorithmic quality. Are you afraid of a Panda penalty? With our content you will never have to worry about that, but we can analyze your project and indicate other content on your website that could be penalized for low quality (thin content) to correct it before it becomes a problem.

RATE: on request

  • Strategic consulting. Do you need directions to grow your business on the Internet? Are you clear on where you want to be but not on how to get there? We can help you to draw up the most suitable strategy to make your project progress.

RATE: on request

4. How can we help you grow?

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1. What is copywriting?

2. SEO writing process

3. Extra Services

4. How can we help you grow?

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