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1. Results in international SEO campaigns

2. What is International SEO?

International SEO is the set of strategies that are carried out to position a website in different countries; its function is to translate the content and keywords, to have impact outside the country of origin.

Translation and cultural adaptation of content are some of the most critical aspects that must be faced in order to achieve greater visibility in search engines; therefore, it is important that this work be carried out by a specialized SEO agency, such as a SEO Engineer.

3. Advantages of an international SEO consultancy

Here are some of the main advantages of betting on the launch of international versions for your website:

  • Focus the website with the right Keywords: this way, you manage to attract quality international traffic from the main Internet search engines.
  • Correct multi-language structure of your website: the architecture of the different versions of your website do not compete with each other, each one is designed for a specific language or market.
  • Correct indexing of content in different languages: customization by language does not affect indexability or cause duplicate content.
  • Take advantage of geolocation factors: domain extension or geolocation makes the site more popular.

4. International SEO work process

Detecting needs

Sometimes we have an imperative need for business issues to internationalize or simply translate the web into another language.

Detecting opportunities

We can find markets of interest, internationalization opportunities, to achieve greater business efficiency and sell more.

Target audience

We can work with multilingual or multiregional architectures or both depending on the target audience you want to get more visibility.

Domain, sub-domain or folder extensions

It is important to choose properly based on our interests among these 3 options. For example, create new international domains (.com, .net or .org, for example) as well as regional ones (.es in Spain, .fr in France or .cn in China, among others) to try to achieve greater visibility in the country. But this does not have to be the best option for your business at the SEO level.

URLs definition

The information architecture and the structure of the URLs will help us to shape our project in each language.


We should try to use a natural language in each corresponding language, taking into account basic SEO recommendations.

International keyword search

It is important to discover how to search in each language and in each corresponding country, which will help us to optimize the contents much better and align them with the business.

Content adapted to your new target

The content of each product must be adapted and oriented to your new users; each target audience needs its own personalization.

International Off Page SEO Strategy

Planning, strategy, search and cleaning of spam, negotiations... for each of the languages we want to promote.

5. Common errors

When launching an international version for your website it is very common to make mistakes; here are the most common ones:

  • Use of automatic translators.
  • Not changing the URL to other languages.
  • Not indexing the translations.
  • Ignoring the most used search engines in other countries.
  • Not paying attention to local competition.
  • Not linking pages in different languages to each other
  • Misused canonical and Hreflang tags.

6. How can we help you grow?

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7. Frequently Asked Questions

Why do international SEO?

SEO is focused on the search engines of a certain country; even if you get a good position in Google in Spain, it does not mean that your website is ranked in the rest of the countries.

What are the goals of an international SEO strategy?

The goals of an international SEO strategy are to improve business efficiency and sell more in the different countries where we focus.

Why hire a SEO consultant to launch your international website?

We help you achieve international visibility and sell into new markets.


1. Results

2. What is International SEO?

3. Advantages of an international SEO consultancy

4. Work process

5. Common errors

6. How can we help you grow?

7. Frequently Asked Questions

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