Link building

Comprehensive off-page SEO campaigns. We establish relationships with third parties in order to improve the organic positioning of our clients.

1. What is Link Building?

Link Building is a SEO strategy that includes a set of techniques aimed at achieving quality inbound links to a particular website (Backlinks).

Target: to improve the company’s interests (profits, traffic, branding…), giving authority and semantics to a URL or a domain in order to optimize its positioning in search engines.

According to Google sources, Link Building is the first or second positioning factor within its algorithm. It’s not surprising, when the whole Internet works thanks to the link between some sites and others, a system used by search engine robots to discover sites online.

2. Basic methodology to achieve quality links


Getting links without setting the actual goal of the campaign does not make sense. What we are after and what we want to achieve must be clear from the beginning of the campaign.

Search phase:

Ongoing process to get third-party websites with some online visibility that is of interest to our clients' business, related media, alerts with the links that the competition is getting of interest each week, etc.

Evaluation phase:

We analyze the link profiles of all the websites we find. We use this phase as a quality filter to rule out what is not worthwhile (bad link profile, inadequate traffic trends, possibly penalized sites, etc)

Analysis phase:

We analyze in depth all the domains found (link creation frequency, anomalies... ) and we extract their content in full, by semantic clusters and the keywords by which it positions to analyze whether it really has entities similar to ours and the content of the URL we want to position.

Administrative phase:

We negotiate person to person and website to website each of the strategies we plan in each link campaign. We have direct contact with more than 400 media and hundreds of blogs on different topics. We are not link resellers.

Monitoring phase

We monitor each link achieved to avoid losses, broken links... to contact the owners as soon as possible and correct it.

Anti-spam actions:

Monitoring of new links and constant analysis. If we detect anomalies, we act accordingly (direct contact, disavow links, etc.)


At all times, we must measure each of the objectives we have set and report them constantly.

SEO Penalties:

We work to establish relationships between businesses, audiences and other stakeholders, not simply trying to manipulate search engine algorithms. We avoid link schemes that ultimately become detectable and punishable patterns

Link building International:

We have been carrying out link building strategies in multiple international markets and languages for many years. Is this your case? Ask us

3. Frequently Asked Questions

What is a link building campaign?

We are not link resellers, but we generate strategies aimed at generating online relationships to improve the organic positioning and the profitability of your business.

Does the link building work?

Linking itself can be an infinite waste of resources. Calculating which links are better, in what order, of what type and to what extent is better for a project…it starts to sound like link building.

4. How can we help you grow?

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5. Results in link building campaigns


1. What is Link Building?

2. Basic methodology

3. Frequently Asked Questions

4. How can we help you grow?

5. Results

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