Online reputation crisis

Discretion and effective results to solve reputation problems in Google

1. What is online reputation?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is defined as the set of techniques and tactics aimed at eliminating or reducing the visibility of offensive or derogatory content that may damage the image of a company or an individual and, ultimately, may cause trust and/or business problems.

We have worked to solve online reputation crises with public figures and corporations with absolute discretion over the past few years.

Reputation crisis in corporations and public figures

The most common services we have been asked to provide are the following:

  • Removal of content directly from Google.
  • Reduction of visibility of problematic content in Google:
    • Total loss among the first 100 search results in some queries.
    • Loss of positions up to the second and third page of Google.
    • Prioritization of new positive content on the first page of Google.

2. Basic ORM Methodology

Discovering the origin of the problem

Usually serious reputation problems originate outside the Internet and reach the online world through social networks. The media begins to echo the issue and it eventually appears in the search results.

Who is involved

It is important to first assess who is involved in the problem, why it originates, whether or not they are right, what that reason is and try to find a way to solve it at its root.


We must try to know the real scope of the crisis: how many people are triggering it and what impact they can have.

Analyzing problematic searches

What kind of search is the one that poses a reputation problem. We will not work in the same way if it is the brand name, a transactional search, a local search... since the elements that appear in Google search results are different and we will have to use different strategies.

Quantifying the problem

Evaluating the websites and 'bad' search results found we will quantify the real problem numerically in order to report the success of our actions once we get the first two pages of Google changed in our favor.

ORM Strategy

Once we know the ecosystem we must draw up a strategy capable of causing the desired impact on Google.


We will make all the recommendations that we have foreseen in the strategy created.

Monitoring your online reputation

It is important to constantly monitor what is published about your business on the Internet. To do this we offer you different tools to monitor the mentions of your brand, products and services.


You will have a complete and clear report of the evolution of the reputation campaign.

“Guard your reputation, not for vanity, but so as not to damage your work, and for the love of truth”.

Henry F. Amiel

3. Delete your Google data

We work on the online reputation to avoid that when looking for the corporate name of a company or the name of a person, these types of results appear, but sometimes it is much more complicated or unfeasible than the direct search of the problem appears in Google.

How and when can we request the deletion of a Google URL?

There are several cases in which you can request the deletion of a URL in Google; we show you what they are below:

  • If the content is no longer on the source page but it still appears on Google, we can request the removal of outdated content.
  • If the content is in a URL of any Google service requesting it here.
  • If the content is in a URL that we do not have control of:
    • If we contact the owner of the website and they agree to remove it.
    • If it violates Google’s policies and we request it properly.
    • If you commit legal violations and we ask Google to review a withdrawal request in accordance with the applicable law.
    • If you commit copyright infringement.

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1. What is ORM?

2. Methodology

3. Delete information from Google

4. Other SEO services

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