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I’m SEO and that’s why I created this landing to appear with freelance SEM and PPC consultant, and I live in Madrid.

I advise medium and large companies on search engine positioning, either for specific phases of a project or for long term projects.

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I enjoy making sure that the visits to your website meet the objectives set for them, whether they are conversions in sales, customers, etc.

Real results by increasing traffic + leads + sales

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What is PPC?

We call search engine advertising PPC (Pay Per Click). It is a system in which we can bid on certain keywords and create ads to be displayed in the search results made by users, our potential customers.

In addition, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad, hence the name PPC. In my opinion, PPC on platforms like Google Adwords offers incredible possibilities compared to other forms of advertising. It is fast, easy to handle and offers great opportunities for return on investment.

As a freelance PPC consultant, my first contact with Pay Per Click was in my own Online Perfumes project more than 2 years ago. With a very successful initial management of the campaigns and ads, I achieved a return on investment well above my expectations.

Profitable PPC campaigns in Adwords

If you think that a PPC campaign such as Adwords is not profitable for your business, you may be right or, on the contrary, you are missing an important business opportunity. Not all PPC campaigns work under huge budgets or are only valid for large companies or specific niche sectors. You could even be bidding in Spain as well as in other countries managing different campaigns. As soon as you can use it to get students for some courses in the training sector, to get subscribers or leads for insurance companies, private clinics… or directly to sell anything you can put on sale in an online store.

Making a correct optimization of the landing pages of your website (landing pages of users), optimizing campaigns, etc … we will gradually achieve that search engine advertising is really oriented to the conversion of business objectives, improving sales ratios and increasingly reducing costs per conversion, transforming spending on advertising in a safe investment, making profitable campaigns.

The keywords of our SEM ads

Making the right decisions when choosing the keywords to bid on is a very effective way to attract quality traffic to your website. Making the wrong decisions is a very quick way to increase advertising spending without getting anything in return.

Fortunately, pay per click advertising user interfaces give you everything you need to make the right decisions for managing your campaigns, making the job of a freelance PPC consultant transparent and easier.

Some PPC tips as an Adwords consultant

0. We have a very powerful tool with thousands of options. Do we know how to bring out its potential? We can help ourselves thanks to resources that Google puts at our disposal such as Adwords Help, community help, etc.

1. Check the position of the ad using the Google Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool. Use this to see your ads and competitor’s ads. These searches will not count as ad impressions, so the click rate of your ads will not decrease.

2. The position of your ad is determined roughly by the following formula: bid x quality = ad position. You must know something about the Quality Score, but essentially, Google always wants to show the most relevant ads for users, since it tries to give them the results that best fit with what they are looking for so that they have a better experience.

The quality level is a relevance assessment and is applied to each of the keywords that we work on in our campaigns. Among the benefits of having a high Quality Score is the possibility of paying less for each click while maintaining a strong position because your ads are more relevant.

3. If there is demand (volume of searches), then it is interesting to work on it. If there is no demand, then you waste time managing campaigns that you cannot work on. Remove campaigns that do not yield search volume, or put them on the display network, as the key to success is focusing time and effort on developing successful campaigns where there is already demand or a growing demand.

4. Combine PPC and SEO efforts for the most effective and integrated campaigns. The other results you have in the SERP, plus the traffic you

5. Don’t just limit yourself to Google Adwords, although, by far, that’s where the lion’s share of your target market will be. Stretching to Microsoft Ad Center to display ads on Bing and Yahoo, I have observed that CPC can be much less and as a marketing channel, it is another means of buying quality traffic to your website

6. If you are just starting out, be aware that there is a search network and a display network and want to keep these separate for easier administration and greater flexibility for optimization. As a freelance PPC consultant, when I take on a new account, almost every time these two are from the network established under a campaign and part of the optimization process is to separate out what takes time. However, once you are there, you can optimize your ads for each network accordingly.

7. Account history is important to your quality level. If you delete an ad group and want to start over, you lose that quality score history. Be aware of this and with improvements it is better to make gradual improvements rather than stopping everything and starting over.

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What is SEM?

The meaning of this acronym is Search Engine Marketing.

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