SEO Penalties

Is your website losing more and more traffic each day? Have you lost many visits all of a sudden? We can help you.

1. Elimination of penalties achieved

2. What is a SEO penalty?

The main function of search engines is to make it easier for users to find what they are really looking for. In order to guarantee this task, crawlers have been evolving and applying, over time, a series of quality filters on the content they save.

If your website does not comply with the rules offered publicly by the search engines or it is within the parameters defined by their filters, you may suffer a SEO penalty.

You may have performed certain types of actions knowing that they were punishable or not being aware of them, but that will not exempt you from the consequences. On other occasions, a priori it seems that we are doing everything properly but the weight in the search engine algorithm of some factors is updated, which makes us lose relevance and visibility if those factors are not well worked out.

Search engines such as Google are in continuous movement, making several daily changes in searches, although when we really notice it is when they make large movements in multiple sectors at once.

3. SEO Penalty Removal Process

Depending on the type of penalty, it can be a simple or complex process.

Human Factor Analysis

We will rule out traffic drops due to measurement errors, programming errors (fortuitous publications of duplicate content, etc), indexing errors (uploading to production version with robots.txt avoiding indexing, etc)

OnSERP Analysis

What appears if we search for you in Google? We will analyze your current situation

Google Search Console

Have you been informed in Google? There are several types of notifications. Depending on the reason you indicate, we will act accordingly.

Google Analytics

We will segment and analyze your website's organic traffic to detect the exact moment of the penalty or the traffic behavior over time, which URLs have been affected, etc. Sometimes we lose traffic and it's not bad, since we may be selling more, for example.

Detect the type of penalty

There are two types: manual (we will receive a notice in Google Search Console from the Google anti-spam team) and algorithmic (Google Panda and Google Penguin). Depending on the type and the results of the analysis performed, we will make the necessary SEO recommendations to reverse the situation as soon as possible

Get out of a penalty

Once we know the origin, type and cause, we must implement the recommendations we propose. Sometimes it is a slow, hard and complicated work, but it is necessary.

Traffic recovery

It can come as soon as we solve the problem or wait for the next major algorithmic update of the search engine. It will depend on the level of penalty we have.

4. Why do you need to carry out a SEO audit?

We work to meet the needs of our users. All the search engines have a series of filters and guidelines that we must know, so that our website complies with all of them and this is truly the basis of our SEO strategy.

We need to invest the initial time to have a complete vision of the business, so that we can decide what actions to take in time that will generate a real impact on the project.

Professional SEO Audit

Let’s forget the idea of 2005 where an SEO audit was a simple checklist. Today, we must build and improve our methodology day by day: training, experimenting, testing and extracting our own working method for each type of client.

Analysis and business knowledge

  • Understand the business in depth: what do we sell? what are we competitive in? where not? what is the most profitable? what is of interest? why? etc.
  • Know the competition: what do they do? what do they do better? and worse? strategy?
  • Analyze the history of the project: is the traffic up? down? is it stable? trends?

Technical audit

  • Having a wide knowledge of the information that Google (or the target search engine where we want to get visibility) publishes.
  • Detect problems: crawling, indexing, web architecture, internal linking, content quality, etc.

Prioritization of SEO factors

  • Prioritize technical implementations: what impacts more at a lower cost?
  • Prioritize business recommendations.

All this will help us to make decisions at all times. Remember that the final audit document does not specify the faults found on the website, but rather proposes the changes necessary to achieve better visibility in search engines, always taking into account the profitability of the project.

5. How can we help you grow?

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1. Elimination of penalties

2. What is a SEO penalty?

3. Penalty Removal Process

4. Why do you need to carry out a SEO audit?

5. How can we help you grow?

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