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    I am Alberto Fernández, Computer Science Engineer and director of the agency IngenieroSEO. Eternal SEO apprentice with more than 30,000 hours of working time, full of successes to celebrate and failures to learn from.

    I work for large companies, businesses that are or aspire to be leaders in their sector, solving search engine positioning problems by helping them to improve their organic and business results.

    Tools I use the most: Safecont, ahrefs, Sistrix, Semrush and Screaming Frog

    1. Results oriented by SEO Consultancy

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    290% increase in organic traffic

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    2. Freelance SEO Consultant

    Have unwanted results appeared in search engines for your name or company? We can help you as SEO specialists.


    Creating content for search engines and users is much more than putting words together.

    Manual or algorithmic penalties, we work to get out of them and grow.

    We carry out international SEO launches as well as solve any problem.

    If you need help it is a specialist in your marketing or SEO team.

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    3. Web positioning

    Each website has its own characteristics and different objectives. I don’t work with packs or anything like that. Your project is unique and deserves a customized SEO strategy.

    Dedication, honesty, commitment, experience and transparency are the mottos of my SEO work.

    Initial meeting:

    If you are determined to invest in your project we can schedule a short meeting to talk about your project and your business, goals and competition and review your website at the SEO level together

    Initial setup and goals:

    The first thing is to understand and know your needs, your business and your goals. It will be the only way to make recommendations that will have an impact at the lowest possible cost

    Technical Audit:

    The basis of a SEO strategy on a domain is that the technical part of your web development meets the requirements to be optimally indexed, crawled and interpreted


    Do we know the search environment of our industry well? In order to detect opportunities it is important to know our user (personal buyer and user research), to know the universe of profitable keywords for us (keyword research) and to have a good SWOT analysis of our competition (benchmark)

    User and Keyword Research:

    Who is looking for what you offer, how they are looking for it, where and what they actually type in the search engine bar. The basis of our organic visibility objectives

    Competence Benchmark:

    Who really is your online competition? What strategies do they use? What are their weaknesses? What are their strengths? With this information we will have a clearer picture of the way forward


    Both of your content and your popularity on the Internet

    Monitoring and reporting:

    _My own working documents will serve as real-time reports to make the most of the time you hire me

    I am only 100% specialist in SEO

    My strength and courage has always been in specialization. And that is what all the clients I have had up to now have valued the most, along with my availability at all times for them.

    Do you need a SEO consultant? 

    I will help you multiply your quality visits so that your business generates greater benefits.


    4. Customized SEO training

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    I collaborate with training centers, universities, institutions and other schools.

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    Customized SEO training oriented to companies, professionals and teams that require advanced SEO.

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    5. What do you say about my SEO work?

    “Hemos trabajado con Ingeniero SEO durante más de 4 años. Si tenemos algo claro es que queremos que sean muchos más.”

    Javier Martínez Seco

    “Ingeniero SEO es sinónimo de estrategia, organización, y trabajo que permite conseguir resultados en tu negocio online.”

    Sara Jiménez Huertas

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    6. SEO expert anywhere

    SEO Consulting in other provinces

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    7. IngenieroSEO Blog

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    8. FAQ

    What is a SEO consultant?

    A professional who works to continuously to optimize and improve the search engine positioning of your business, achieving results anywhere in the world and in any language.

    How much does a Freelance SEO charge?

    It will depend on your sector, your situation in relation to others, your objectives and the experience accumulated by the consultant. A specialist in half an hour is capable of achieving results that a non-specialist would never achieve.

    How to become an SEO expert?

    Becoming very skillful and acquiring great deal of experience based on working hours. It is the only way in which a SEO specialist acquires all the necessary knowledge to be able to give a good service with results.

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