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    I am Alberto Fernandez, creator of the agency IngenieroSEO. As a freelance SEO consultant in New York from Spain I am ready to help your brand to take advantage of great organic traffic opportunities in search engines.

    IngenieroSEO has earned the trust and reputation over 14 years offering affordable services with guaranteed quality and fast results in SEO positioning in multiple sectors which has meant real gains for our clients.

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    New York SEO Freelance


    New York

    New York

    U.S. City

    New York City is made up of five districts located at the confluence of the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean. Manhattan is the heart of the city, a densely populated urban district containing the world's major commercial, financial and cultural centers. Its landmarks include places such as the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park, as well as major cultural and commercial sites.

    Population: 417.650 (2014)

    State: U.S. City

    Postal codes: 10001-10020

    An SEO service should focus on the specific needs of each client. My success as a freelance SEO in New York is due to the customization and timeliness of my services which means fast results.

    Constant learning has allowed me to keep up to date with the latest SEO trends, understanding Google’s algorithm and developing equally effective techniques and strategies for search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

    I will work with you as part of your team to achieve your goals while you focus on the general aspects of your online project.

    These things will make you better understand why you should hire a freelance SEO expert in New York instead of an agency.

    • Hiring a Freelance seo expert gets involved in the critical aspects of your company because of their broad sense of compromise.
    • There is a better connection by better understanding the client’s needs.
    • Constant communication allows you to keep you updated on the progress of the service.
    • You can request price quotes for our services without obligations.

    There is no better sign of a good service than positive references, so you can check our client portfolio to see for yourself.

    Real results by increasing traffic + leads + sales

    20.000 39.000 58.000 Oct 18Dic 19ingenieroSEO10-dic-2018Start of SEO strategy execution ingenieroSEO01-nov-2019Phase 1 delivery
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    My Workflow

    Fase Ganancias rápidas (1 semana):

    Acciones rápidas que generan resultados.

    Fase Medición y Estrategia (1 semana):

    La fase vital: cuantitativa (formularios, seguimiento de sesiones, mapas de calor, etc para detectar problemas), cualitativa (pruebas con usuarios, sondeos, entrevistas...), técnica (detección de problemas en tu sitio web), táctica (descripción concreta de los pasos necesarios) y estratégica (priorización orientada a generar resultados). Te daremos un camino claro hacia el crecimiento de tu negocio, las acciones exactas a ejecutar y los recursos necesarios.

    Fase Creativa (1 semana):

    Crearé wireframes SEO con los elementos que debe tener cada páginas de tu web.

    Fase de Calidad (1 semana):

    Identificación de todas las URLs de contenido que necesitan ser optimizadas.

    Fase Autoridad (1 semana):

    Análisis de los enlaces que reciben las URLs de tu página web para limpiarlo de SPAM que pueda dañar tu posicionamiento.

    Fase de mejora continua:

    Lo que funciona lo implementamos. Lo que no funciona, aprendemos y replanteamos.

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    SEO Consultant Freelancer in New York

    I am available to work hand in hand with you compromised with your objectives, offering you concrete recommendations and analysis periodical to determine the best way forward to get a high ranking.

    • I will work hard with you to optimize your website giving you the following advantages:
    • Personalized SEO Consulting by Alberto Fernandez, IngenieroSEO Creator.
    • Quality and engagement by content quality creation by my bilingual team.
    • Effective and timely communication.
    • Seo On-page and Off-page solutions.
    • Custom SEM campaigns

    Are you looking for a Seo consultant in New York?

    I am who you are looking for. My goal is to generate satisfaction for my clients. I stand out for my path record and proven background through effective advanced SEO techniques at affordable prices.

    New York SEO Services

    Our SEO-SEM focused work methods ensure your web in New York gets the highest search engine rankings, enhancing your brand and engaging more traffic.

    Keyword Research & Strategy

    As a SEO expert in New York I will perform a deep research of the keywords relevant to your business as well as their variations according to the trends in users’ needs and search terms. I will select the keywords that are most profitable for you.

    Link Building

    LinkBuilding is a powerful factor in SEO. At IngenieroSEO I have established relationships in New York with websites with reputation and traffic linked to different sectors that have allowed me to carry out effective campaigns based on natural inbound links optimizing the search engine rankings of my clients.

    Technical SEO

    Page speed and a good web architecture are the key factor to provide the user experience and improve their stay on the website. Search engines like this as it makes their job of crawling and indexing your website easier and will reward you with good ranking positions.

    Local SEO

    When it comes to Local SEO your website optimization should be focused on what people search for near you, and not for nothing, more than 60% of users search locally for their needs. As an SEO consultant in New York I will dedicate myself to improve your Google My Business profile and put it on the map increasing local traffic for your business.

    On-Page SEO

    My work as a SEO Freelancer in New York will be very helpful in the on-page SEO of your website, executing the search engines guidelines such as the correct use of html tags and meta descriptions helping them to better interpret your content.

    SEO Competition Analysis

    Let’s explore together all the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and you will be able to have more viable objectives for your business. There are resources, strategies and more factors that will allow us to expand our horizons in the market sector.

    eCommerce SEO

    eCommerce SEO is necessary to show your products in search engine rankings. In my experience I have been successfully leading clients through an optimized local SEO method from from beginning to end, benefiting their business with more organic traffic and increased sales revenue.

    Content Writing

    Creating content is key to rank in the search engine rankings. For this I have a team of bilingual writers, with wide experience that focus on the user’s needs, managing to engage the previously studied audience with quality content while satisfying their search intentions.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Achieving traffic is not enough, a good SEO strategy involves tracking and conversion optimization so at IngenieroSEO we provide CRO estrategy (Conversion Rate Optimization) based marketing techniques that include A/B testing, multivariate testing, Split test and Multi page test to guarantee that your visitors complete all the expected steps in the buying process.

    Franchise SEO

    It’s common for franchised businesses to not possess the right SEO for each location. I will build an effective multi-location strategy focused on branding, navigability and map positioning that will generate better brand presence and improve your results.


    Popular CMS like Shopify, Prestashop, WordPress, Drupal and others are excellent for controlling what is published on your website. I have knowledge about all these CMSs and I have worked on their key points to improve SEO on them. I help with migration and On-Page optimization to boost the positioning of your online business.

    Amazon SEO

    A deep review of your brand and product listing will allow us to know where to improve visibility and the way customers see us in with our Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) SEO strategies, as your SEO expert in New York I will be happy to help you with optimization to improve rankings and conversion.

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    Textile company advertising

    Broadcast advertising to generate sales of underwear.

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    SEO advertising campaign

    To give publicity in marketing of digital services company.

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    “The service of this company is 100% guaranteed, my sales have increased in a great way and with incredible results. Their recommendations have allowed me to have more visits for a better positioning in Google.”

    Luke Brown

    Digital Project Manager

    “This company has allowed me to position my web page in the first places, something that for many years I could not do. With their advice and good ideas my sales have increased. I recommend it.”

    Chris Johnson

    Influencer Marketing

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    Can you do SEO in New York from Spain?

    SEO works remotely with the same effectiveness as in person, technology allows us to be close to our clients and maintain optimal communication. The proof is in my success stories not only in New York City, but also on 3 different continents. I have helped clients get good results without the need to go to their country of residence.

    Do you optimize for all search engines?

    Yes, we train and constantly update ourselves on the guidelines in search engines like Google, as well as Yahoo and Bing. We execute techniques and forms of work in SEO and SEM for all of them.

    How much does it cost to position my brand/business in New York?

    The budgets of an SEO consultant in New York apply depending on the sector that you dedicate yourself to and the complexity of factors that affect your current positioning. You can make request of my services through the form expressing your situation in detail and and as soon as possible you will get an answer about the estimated cost based on the results you expect.

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