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    I help companies to get more customers on Google through short term SEO Sprints.

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    I am the SEO consultant in Boston who can position and monetize your web on the main search engines.

    Let me be your SEO Specialist in Boston!

    I am Alberto Fernandez, computer engineer and director of the IngenieroSEO agency in Spain. I´ve been working hard, improving companies web positioning as a SEO specialist in Boston for more than 12 years, achieving experiences and thriving results.

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    Boston SEO Expert Freelance


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    City in Massachusetts

    Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and its largest city. Founded in 1630, it is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The pivotal role it played in American Independence is highlighted by the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile pedestrian route of historic sites that tells the story of the nation's founding. One stop, the former Faneuil Hall meetinghouse, is a popular marketplace.

    Population: 684.379 (2019)

    Postal codes: 02108-02118; 02123; 02127-02128; 02133; 02163; 02196; 02199; 02201-02206; 02210-02211; 02215; 02217; 02222; 02241; 02266; 02283; 02284; 02293; 02297-02298

    Without intermediaries, I offer you my extensive experience as Freelance. We will achieve together your wishing goals by managing and coordinating your project. You need me, the SEO Specialist.

    I am always learning; training myself and others, even companies around the world.

    So if you want to go for improving your web, I will be thrilled to be your SEO Expert in Boston, helping with your web efficiency on the Internet.

    These are few examples of why you should hire a SEO Expert Freelance in Boston instead of an agency:

    • You always know who is working on your work in first hand.
    • You have fast and direct communication with your SEO Specialist.
    • You know that a real SEO Expertise is working in your project.
    • We assure you total dedication to your project.
    • You can forget about unexpected costs in the final budget.

    We have grown fast throw time thanks to our fully satisfied clients who can endorse our phenomenal work.

    Real results by increasing traffic + leads + sales

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    Methodology of work

    The needs and goals of each website are different, that’s why if you work with us, your project will be as unique as your company.

    So many years of experience, commitment, dedication and transparency are the main slogans of my SEO work.

    First Session

    In this first session we will talk about your project, company, study your main objectives and go throw your current web, if you already have one, so we can examine the SEO aspects together.

    Initial setup and objectives

    Secondly, we need to get to know your company´s needs and goals so we can gain a big impact with a low cost.

    Technical audit

    Your web requires specific criteria to be indexed, traceable and interpret by Google which is the principal technical aspect of a domain in a SEO strategy.


    To detect trends we need to explore our search sector by examine our buyer persona and users research, finding profitable keywords and analyzing our competitors (benchmark).

    User and Keyword Research

    Realize what, where and who is looking for what you offer and notice how the audience is searching for it in the Google Tool Bar.

    Competitive Benchmarking

    Clustering the following information gives us tips: Who is your main competitor? What strategies do they use? How can we use their flaws against them? Can we upgrade your web by analyzing your competitor’s strengths?


    We can reach popularity by optimizing your content.

    Monitoring and reporting

    We will exploit our work documents and resources to give you our full potential which also will give you a constant report.

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    Search Engine Optimization in Boston

    You will count with a committed SEO Specialist team in Boston that will provide you guaranteed results:

    • Alberto Fernández as an technical SEO director in Boston.
    • Our bilingual team of experts copywriters for web content.
    • Link building strategies.
    • Specialized team in develop tech optimizations.

    As a Freelance SEO in Boston I know all the factors that can make the difference of making your business grow on the Internet by improving your SEO positioning every day and making it more efficient.

    Boston SEO Services

    Millions of tasks can be done in SEO. One of the main aspects is knowing how to prioritize all of those tasks. We can achieve positive impact in the shortest period of time with an efficient order. We will trace and plan a SEO Strategy to promote your business by analyzing your necessities and your current work.

    Keyword Research & Strategy

    Keywords research is vital to a SEO Strategy. I will investigate, explore and discover the main keywords related to your project that your potential buyers are seeking and as a SEO specialist in Boston I will create your own keyword universe.

    Link Building

    The first positioning factor on Google Search is Backlinks (links from other webs in your site web), that´s why to be known for your future users searches we perform various communication campaigns in Boston related to your industry to achieve natural profile links.

    Technical SEO

    The point of departure of SEO Optimization is detecting technical mistakes. I help search engines to crawl the website in the best possible way to make the search easy for Google.

    Local SEO

    Hiring me as SEO Consulter will give you the highest local SEO traffic by enhancing your Web and Google Profile (GMB), upgrading visibility and raising your benefits, which will differentiate your company from other competitors.

    On-Page SEO

    SEO On-Page needs to be optimized. Website´s HTML, microformats, etc. help users understand and interpret your web´s content.

    SEO Competition Analysis

    According to the main objectives of your business, I will go through a comprehensive analysis of your competitors that will help you make plausible decisions. What strategies do they go for? What are their resources? How can you overtake your competitors? Are there new topics to be found?

    eCommerce SEO

    The best and easiest marketing channel for a store is through SEO because it allows you to measure the impact of the SEO Strategy. A good selling campaign gives publicity to your company which is the key to gaining new costumers. I have refined methodology based on my extensive experience.

    Content Writing

    If the content of your Website is constantly been renew, Google searchers will give them preference. It is not easy to convincing content. First you need to study potential clients and discover their present and future concerns. In order to accomplish this issue I have personally educated a specialized team to reach this important task.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    After tracking traffic, thanks to marketing strategies as SEO or PPC, we need a conversion process of constant improvement that will help us enhance the profit of our project.

    Franchise SEO

    If your company has multiple locations, you would want to acquire a strong common brand by establishing local SEO Strategies to help you obtain better business results.


    If we work together with Shopify, WordPress, Prestashop, etc. you will reach the highest and most efficient available traffic performance, because I know all their strengths and weakness due to my long experience.

    Amazon SEO

    So you can make more income and sales your SEO Expert in Boston will optimized your list of products including descriptions and applying Amazon Marketing SEO techniques (AMS).

    SEO Locations

    How can we help you?

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    SEO study for platforms

    Position the web pages created in WordPress to get customers for online courses.

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    Can I do SEO on my own?

    Yes, you can but is not as easy as you could think because you must  study the aspects behind SEO by taking lots of courses and educational programs. That is why we can do it for you.

    When is SEO start working for my business?

    It depends entirely on your goals and the actions you take. An estimation is from four to six months before you see any result.