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Hi! I’m Alberto Fernandez, the person who will be working with you on your SEO budget from this moment. I’m not a salesman with the aim of selling you anything, nor an outsourced person… We’re going to talk about your project with honesty and without owing anything to anyone in between.

From this very moment I am:

  • your personal SEO specialist from this moment on.
  • who will analyze your business against your competition and market niche.
  • who will evaluate your needs to present you with a 100% SEO budget oriented towards achieving your improvement and/or growth objectives.
  • the person who will get involved in your business to improve together.

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As a SEO consultant I work for SMEs and large companies that can implement online marketing strategies where SEO becomes a fundamental pillar and cross-cutting to other areas of the business.

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    • More than 15 years of experience.

    • Freelance SEO with team, no cost overruns.

    • Experience in multiple sectors and countries.

    • We will agree together on the results by contract.

    • If we don't deliver, we will refund your investment.

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    I update this today, December 2020, this content to try to capture so many and so many conversations with people who are looking for a SEO budget during the last months. I’m going to be quite clear and of course I’m not going to point fingers or expect anyone to be offended, nor is it my style neither do I have any interest in doing so. This is a sector that, like many others, lends itself to deception, smoke and easy money. I will start with a “spoiler”:

    The most demanded SEO budget: Minimum monthly fee + short and efficient work cycles

    Let’s explain in depth what this is and everything you need to keep in mind to avoid false expectations and throwing away money on SEO.

    My job is to help my clients increase Google’s revenue through SEO recommendations. My specialty, I do this through short, 100% actionable work cycles to bring about results.

    I will try to help all those people who are looking for a SEO budget to understand both the way of budgeting that I consider more accurate and whether or not they need a budget in the project situation they are in, and if they need it, which SEO services I consider would be the most appropriate.

    SEO should not be treated as an expense, but as an investment.

    Initial objective of the SEO project: to generate income that covers the SEO investment as soon as possible.

    Agency or freelance consultant SEO budget?

    First thing: do you need a SEO agency or a freelance SEO consultant? These are two things that, although they seem the same, have quite a few differences.

    I am a SEO consultant, if you work with me you hire me directly, with my virtues and my defects, with my mistakes and my successes and mainly, with my multi-sectorial experience accumulated in all of them of so many years specialized.

    Be careful with: real results, experience, time / dedication available

    At the same time, I have created a SEO agency where the only difference is that I have support in those areas of SEO implementation and execution, such as content creation, CRO, web development, UX and communication campaigns or link building. I consider that these disciplines require a specialization in themselves and to apply them to a project I need a team trained and specialized in each of them. This is my concept of SEO agency.

    Be careful with: structure and costs to be reflected in the budget, experience of the assigned consultant (intern vs. SEO consultant), commercial ratio / SEO specialists, marketing techniques of “dubious reputation” where they assure you impossible results or where they sell you long term results to guarantee that time of invoicing.

    In our case we make SEO budgets according to each client, assigning to the project only the hours it needs and at the pace it needs.

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    How do I make a SEO budget?

    Let’s look at the steps and points to consider when budgeting.

    The first step is to talk about your needs and objectives, which is fundamental. We need to build a briefing as complete as possible that allows me to analyze everything and build a budget adapted to your business.

    Briefing SEO: Before budgeting

    The briefing is sometimes a simple phone conversation where we go over certain important issues, and other times it becomes a document where we gather all the technical and sales information of your business. It is usually accompanied by a confidentiality agreement or NDA (Non-disclousure Agreement) if deemed necessary for the peace of mind of both parties.

    This documentation process can include a meeting or a call to get more information about the business. It must be:

    • Brief.
    • Clear.
    • Avoid ambiguity.

    In addition, it must include data such as name or company name, address, contact telephone and email.

    On many occasions, we have an RFP (Request For Proposal), a document that contains a request for the technical and/or economic proposal for a project. With this, all the suppliers budget exactly the same, to facilitate the best choice for the proposal.

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    Concepts of a SEO budget

    These are the key points that, depending on each case, should be paid to an SEO agency.

    Consultoría y asesoría SEO

    SEO consulting and advice

    The role of a consultant, therefore, would be to map out the strategy and ensure that this is accomplished.

    Redacción y optimización de contenidos

    Content writing and optimization

    We will create a publication calendar and use SEO and copywriting techniques.

    Link Building

    Link Building

    Strategies and techniques to increase the authority of a page by generating quality links.

    Auditoría SEO y estudios de palabras clave

    SEO audit and keyword studies

    The SEO audit helps to know your business. We will be able to make the right decisions and propose actions that will generate a real impact on your project. It will include competence studies, keyword studies and our methodology to detect and prioritize the correction of problems.

    Web analytics for SEO: monitoring

    Web analytics for SEO: monitoring

    We will propose advanced specifications for setting up conversions and micro-conversions that will help us improve month by month. We will create a control dashboard to track and monitor the project on a monthly basis.

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    Types of SEO budgets

    Hourly SEO Budget

    One of the most frequent that I do. Both for specific tasks such as audits, migrations… when a monthly follow-up or anything similar is not required.

    This type of budget is in the end implicit in any other. Every professional works by the hour, no matter what trade he or she is in. Any “monthly fee” at the end is a set of hours, or any task to be budgeted involves a series of time that takes to be done. Professionals sell time and experience.

    More than 10 years of working sectors give us a very strong vision of the needs of a business in a given sector to achieve results. We are able to make SEO strategies adapted to your needs and resources.

    Monthly Fee

    When the project needs a SEO consultant to follow up on the project on a monthly basis, trace strategies and recommendations, ensure their proper execution and try to lead the project to ensure results.

    I value the amount (the fee) per month depending on the complexity and objectives of the project, we convert it into hours and spend a monthly fee to achieve them. It is also usual to know the monthly investment capacity in this channel for the project, so that we can draw up a customized SEO plan to achieve your objectives.

    We do not work under any permanence contract.

    The usual standard is that the first month a greater investment is made to cover audit costs and the initial studies of the project.

    • Advantage
      • Facilitates payment of the full amount of the contract
      • Monthly project control, allowing us to pivot faster if something happens.

    Presupuesto SEO

    Full campaign budget

    The client pays the total or partial amount of the contract at the beginning of the project. Generally, campaigns are carried out between 8 and 12 months.

    • Advantage
      • It allows us to allocate a greater number of resources from the beginning, as well as greater control long term.
      • Absolute involvement.

    Variable budget

    At least part of the payment will depend on the results of the project. It comes with a contract where a commitment to collaboration is established.

    • Types:
      • Incentives on an agreed objective
      • Incentives over certain target ranges
      • Bonus-malus: X% extra if we exceed a certain target or X% penalty if we fall below a certain level.
    • Advantage
      • Greater alignment with our clients’ objectives.

    SEO budget by tasks

    It would be very similar to an hourly budget, with a weighting of a few hours estimated for the tasks to be performed, either on a monthly basis or on a one-off basis to solve a specific problem. This type of budget is very common in marketing agencies that outsource our services looking for SEO specialists.

    SEO budget by objectives or X% with the company

    On many occasions we have been offered to work by objectives or for a % of benefits. As far as going as a percentage with the company, we have certain projects that we have made our own along with other companies in which we have followed this formula, but as with all projects, it must be studied in detail, and we must reach commitments of investment and minimum resources guaranteed by both parties.

    Multi-sector experience

    It is important for many clients to know about experiences in the same or different sectors. Except for those clients with whom we have signed confidentiality agreements that prevent us from doing so, in the rest we will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

    Ways of budgeting not recommended

    Presupuesto SEO por palabras

    SEO Budget per word

    Do you think all searches are worth the same? Do you think you have to make the same effort for some words as for others? Be very careful…

    Presupuesto SEO por packs

    SEO budget by packs

    Every business is a world and not all companies need the same strategies, much less the same tools. SEO is never the same in 2 businesses even if they are dedicated to the same thing. Be very careful…

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    Factors influencing total project hours

    You should not forget that, although we do not believe in a predefined SEO fee, these services are generally paid by the hour. For this reason, and so that we don’t fall into mistrust, we will give you a series of factors that influence our calculations.

    Size of the project, total number of URLs

    You have to be clear about one thing: it’s not the same to have a website with 30 pages as one with 100,000. Time is money, of course. That’s why, both for the initial audit and for the SEO strategy, this factor has an influence.

    Industry and competition

    The main objective of hiring a SEO consultant is to get top positions in search engines; however, not all niche markets are the same. Web positioning will not be the same for some keywords as for others, and this translates into working time.

    We will analyze the competition, their strengths and weaknesses, and we will have to invest as much or more than them to get results. We cannot underestimate our competitors.

    Inherent responsibility

    It is not the same that the SEO project is one more leg of the company’s strategy, which is 1% of the business to 100% of the income source.

    National or international target

    Working with local SEO is not the same as working with a national or international SEO strategy. The more markets you cover, the bigger the budget you need.

    Website status

    In IngenieroSEO we will give you the keys and we will show you the weak points that your site has, then it is your decision if you want us to work on it or if you want to do it yourself. Depending on the status of your site, we will have to solve problems and therefore derive more or less budget to these actions. Is your time is gold? Then leave it in our hands.

    Amount of content needed

    If you want a SEO strategy to work you have to have a content calendar that covers the necessary content that your potential customers need to consume. Do you want us to guide you and you do it? That’s perfect.

    But if you prefer, #AmazingContent, post written by specialized SEO writers and corrected by qualified journalists. In addition, if you want they can also go with copy. If you do not have time or do not like to write, we do it for you!

    Frequently asked questions you should know

    ¿Es rentable el presupuesto?

    Is the budget profitable?

    Easy, calculating the return on investment you make. In SEO it is not about something expensive or cheap, but about the profitability, value and authority that the SEO consultant brings to your project. SEO should be a new asset for your company.

    You can hire a cheap company but one that does not provide any conversion or return on investment. However, you can request the help of an agency with a larger investment that in principle seems expensive, but that in the long run will build the most profitable channel of your entire online strategy.

    ¿Lo puedo hacer gratis?

    Can I do it for free?

    Yes, of course. But will it be the same? Maybe not, and not because you don’t want it to be, but because of time and knowledge. Besides, if you do it yourself it won’t be free either because you will have to invest not only in tools, but also in time of dedication, paid professional training…

    We use tools such as SEMrush, Sistrix, Ahrefs and Safecont, among others, and these have a monthly cost of approximately 700 $. In addition, expertise is an added value and we already have it, will you let us help you?

    Is the SEO quote the same for everyone?

    Of course not. Who is your competition? What are your goals? How do they improve your project? These types of questions will make your needs and therefore your investment to achieve the expected results vary.

    What will be my actual costs?

    The tools can be paid by you or usually by the consultant or the company, since it can be redeemed better. Then there are usually costs in programming and content.

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