Advanced WPO Audit

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1. What is WPO?

Web Performance Optimization (WPO) consists of a set of improvement techniques that result in recommendations aimed at optimizing the loading speed of a website.

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2. Parts of an Advanced WPO Audit

We define WPO audit as the analysis of all elements that impact in one way or another on the speed of a website.

We don’t just run automatic tools, but analyze the code and the foundation of your online business to detect the origin of the problem and to help you to solve it.

Analysis of server latency and response time in real users

We will analyze the time it takes for the servers to send the information to your real users. If your project is also international, knowing this information in the different countries of the world where you work is vital. What technology should you be applying? Caching systems? We'll tell you in detail

Analysis of page types and templates used

A website is generally composed of different types of pages depending on their structure, elements to display, etc. We need to identify each one of them to analyze their performance separately

Resource Analysis

We will analyze the weakest points of each of the pages of your project and the traffic you are receiving. What resources are downloaded and are affecting the speed of the web? We will identify which ones to decide whether to optimize them or to eliminate them completely. We will also analyze, for example, plugins or third party modules.

Analysis of WPO metrics used by search engines

First Contentful Paint (FCP), Speed Index (SI), Time To Interactive (TTI), Total Blocking Time (TBT) or Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) are some of the most relevant performance metrics. We are not working to reach 100, but to achieve an excellent user experience

Critical resource analysis and static content:

Which resources must be loaded at the beginning? Which ones can we postpone? We will prioritize and optimize in order to get our users access to view the content as soon as possible.

Back-end and server improvements

We will identify all of the elements, both in the back part of your website and in the possible configurations at the server level.

Improvements in the front-end

We will identify all the elements that appear in the public part in each type of page that may be negatively influencing the load.

Why it should be improved

We will not only explain what but why each of these elements should be improved. This way, we can establish priorities

Why is it going to be improved

Being experts helps us, amongst many other things, to explain to you why there is going to be an improvement in the speed and performance of your website by implementing our recommendations

Our own WPO tools

We have our own tools made to measure, which for example, make it easier for us to detect WPO problems by constantly monitoring the main business URLs. If there is a performance problem (which of course will affect the conversion) we find out immediately

3. Why do you need to carry out a WPO audit?

These are some advantages to having a fast website:

  • Increased page views or interactions per session: Our users will consume more content as they have a better user experience. What does this mean? More advertising revenue (more impressions), more time on the site (loyalty), etc.
  • Decreased bounce rate.
  • Increased conversion (purchases, leads, objectives) on your website.
  • Improved user experience (UX): by reducing unnecessary waiting times and offering content faster on any platform (mobile, computers and tablets).
  • Cost reduction in advertising campaigns: for example, Google Adwords introduces the concept of quality level that, among other factors, incorporates the speed of loading. The ranking of the ads is calculated according to the CPC (Cost per Click) and the quality level. The better that quality level is, the less we pay to get a higher ad ranking.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs: by optimizing your resources, servers will have to download fewer bytes of information to each user. You will need hosting with cheaper machines.
  • You will improve international traffic: you will be able to take care of all users that are in locations far from your server location, for example, with the correct implementation of CDNs (Content delivery Network) that allow you to reduce the download times of your content and the latency of resources regardless of the location of the user viewing the website.

4. How can we help you grow?

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1. What is WPO?

2. Parts of a WPO Audit

3. Why do you need to carry out a WPO audit?

4. How can we help you grow?

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