Alberto Fernández (ingeniero SEO)

My name is Alberto Fernández, specialist in the search engine business area, where I learn and grow more and more each day. There isn’t day that I don’t learn something. What best defines me is SEO Consultant.

Results as SEO Manager

Professional experience

2014 - Nowadays

I currently work as a Freelance SEO Consultant working on various Search Engine Optimization projects in Madrid for SMEs and large companies in multiple sectors. I also have another great passion: Writing. I attend my passion for the arts by publishing, when duty allows, everything I find relevant in my personal blog, so that you can all enjoy and learn, if possible, with what I write.


In February 2014 I had several interested buyers and transferred the business. For me it was a success. Besides, at that time I already had several clients to whom I was carrying out SEO and PPC campaigns.


In early 2012, I met, almost by chance, with a supplier of selective perfumery. I thought about setting up something and trying to sell it on the Internet. I knew something about SEO, but I didn't have any clear experience in search engine positioning that would allow me to work as a SEO consultant or apply for jobs of any kind. Therefore, when I left the previous company, I took advantage of the months of unemployment that I had and I worked like crazy to set up the business based on organic positioning. And I succeeded. It allowed me to live off it for a whole year, to learn how to create a business and to take all the sticks that a novice entrepreneur takes, and I lived on my own two feet, which means losing money everywhere until you begin to know how businesses really work, where you have to invest, where you have to spend and where you don't.


Later, I was able to apply the knowledge acquired in Online Marketing, SEO and Social Media in Videocinco (, performing various tasks in this field helping the development of business on the Internet in all the brands of the company, and collaborating in other related companies. I managed to increase online sales by 30%..


At the beginning of 2011, I had the opportunity to participate together with César de la Cal in the development of a Teaching Innovation project, which we presented at the V Meeting on Innovation in University Teaching held at the University of Alcalá de Henares in March 2011.


At the end of that same year I was lucky enough to meet a small group of people who shared a dream with me, to build a good project, a company and make it profitable. With effort, hours and much passion we began to forge what would be my first startup, Workab (, or attempt to startup we could say. My main participation was focused on developing a job portal using WordPress as a base and a previous demo in PHP, JS and MySQL, which we used in the School of Entrepreneurs Tetuan Valley Startup School in 2011. I performed optimization, SEO and security tasks in this project. This was my first failure as an entrepreneur. Later, I began to focus on a specific niche and discover the wide and exciting world of Online Marketing, in one of the most entertaining summers of my life. Learn, read and learn.


My strong entrepreneurial character led me in 2010 to found as a university project Magic3W (, where I developed mainly commercial work and introduced myself a little bit in everything that was web development and social networks.

2008 - 2011

In 2008, second year of my career, I found a job as a programmer at Imdea Asesores, a computer consulting company where I was given the opportunity to learn and train as a professional.


This year I started my first web developments for family and friends as well as my first positions in Google. I will always remember 'peluqueria coslada'.


I started my professional career as a salesman and street developer, in temporary employment agencies, warehouse worker, construction worker and everything else I could find to pay for my Computer Engineering studies.

Teaching experience

2020 - Nowadays

Cámara Valencia: teacher in different internal SEO courses.

2019 - Nowadays teacher of the Link Building course.


Escuela IT: SEO content training.


AulaCM: Substitute Professor in the postgraduate degree of SEO


KSchool: Substitute Professor in the Postgraduate degree SEO SEM Professional


CICE: Postgraduates Degree in SEM, SEO, Google Analytics and Web Usability. MGA. Modules of SEO, SEM and Google Analytics.


Speaker at the SEO Professional Congress: explaining the success case 'SEO FOR PHARMACIES AND ONLINE STORES.


Cerem Business School: Professor of the postgraduate degree in Marketing Management and Digital Communication in the subjects of SEO, Content Marketing and Web Analytics


Aula Creactiva: Teacher in the Google Adwords course


Home teacher for high school and college students in mathematics and physics.




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