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    If you are planning to position your website in search engines in order to make your business more profitable, hire a SEO Expert in Utah.

    I coul be your SEO Consultant in Utah. Are you in?

    My name is Alberto Fernandez, I’m a computer engineer and director of ingenieroSEO. As a SEO professional from Spain, I have ranked companies in search engines for over 12 years.  I’d be love to become your SEO specialist in Utah.

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    U.S. State

    Utah is a western U.S. state characterized by its vast expanses of desert and the mountains of the Wasatch Range. Salt Lake City, the capital, is centered around the Temple Block, the headquarters of the Mormon Church which has a majestic temple and tabernacle, with its huge dome and famous choir. The high-floating waters of the Great Salt Lake attract the public for swimming and sunbathing, especially at Antelope Island State Park.

    Population: 3.206.000 (2019)

    Postal codes: 84081; 84101-84152; 84157-84158; 84165; 84170-84171; 84180; 84184; 84189; 84190; 84199

    Being a freelancer assures my direct experience and time for my clients, no intermediary will get in between them and me. I will improve your business on the internet working next to your team.

    We suggest you to hire a Freelance SEO Consultant in Utah and not an agency for these reasons:

    • The SEO expert who leads your page is the one you hire, knowing him firsthand.
    • Direct and fast communication.
    • Real specialization
    • Dedication  and direct involvement.
    • No extra costs.

    You can learn about our experience reading our portfolio of SEO clients.

    Real results by increasing traffic + leads + sales

    20.000 39.000 58.000 Oct 18Dic 19ingenieroSEO10-dic-2018Start of SEO strategy execution ingenieroSEO01-nov-2019Phase 1 delivery
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    Methodology of work

    My motto is “Dedication, commitment, honesty, experience and transparency”. I tend to think every page page is unique, for that reason we develop a personal customized project dedicated to each one individually. This is our methodology:

    Our First Reunion

    We will have a first session to talk about your business and its market. That way we'll be able to analyze you website in SEO terms.

    Initial setup and objectives

    We'll carry out impact recommendations at the best cost after learning abour your needs, your company and your objectives.

    Technical audit

    The technical aspect of your web development must accomplish some requisites to be correctly indexed, tracked and interpreted. We'll achieve this goal for you.


    We have to evaluate our user (buyer persona and user research) and the profitable keywords for us (keyword research). We also must develop a SWOT analysis of our competitors (benchmark).

    User and Keyword Research

    We must know this to meet our business objectives: what clients search for your products and services? How and where? What words do they type the search engine bar?

    Competitive benchmarking

    We have to analyze everything about your competitors (their strategies, their weaknesses, etc.) to set up what actions we must start at this point.


    Of your content and visibility.

    Monitoring and reporting

    You are going to get every document I work with and the statistics that prove the development of your web.

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    Search Engine Optimization in Utah

    In Utah, you will rely on the technical counsel of a team expert in SEO:

    • Freelance SEO Director in Utah, Alberto Fernández.
    • Bilingual SEO content team to design professional content and copywriting techniques.
    • Communication and link building team.
    • Development team to perform technical improvements.

    As your SEO Specialist in Utah, I will assure you the best SEO positioning for your company on the internet, increasing its profitability.

    Utah SEO Services

    The most essential duty for any SEO strategy is to prioritize our tasks, that will guarantee the best impact for your business in the shortest time.

    Keyword Research & Strategy

    As your Freelance SEO in Utah, I will set up a keyword research to know your universe of keyword. This is going to increase your traffic.

    Link Building

    Backlinks will guarantee the best search results. All you need is to perform communication campaigns in relevant websites that your users frecuently visit. We can offer you that.

    Technical SEO

    Fixing technical errors is a required task in SEO optimization: let’s help search engines to crawl your site in the easiest possible way.

    Local SEO

    64% of people search for local companies to buy online. We’ll perfect your local positioning by improving your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

    On-Page SEO

    IngenieroSEO can  optimize every on-page factor of your page: HTML, microformats… That is going to help search engines interpret your content.

    SEO Competition Analysis

    I will support you when you need to make decisions thanks to an analysis of your business competitors that will answer these questions: What plans do they apply? What resources do they have? How can we overcome them?

    eCommerce SEO

    The easiest SEO campaigns to measure are stores. They are great for search engines if you know how to use them. I possess a refined methodology based on my experience.

    Content Writing

    We’ll renew your content frecuently, that factor makes search engines prioritize pages. But it isn’t easy. You must investigate your potential clients to solve all their present and future needs.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    We must start a permanent improvement of the conversion rate of our commercial goals. This will amplify the profitability of your business monthly.

    Franchise SEO

    We’ll  develop strategies for all the locations where your company works. A common brand is always a good method to get better results.

    Shopify SEO

    Do you know Shopify, WordPress or Prestashop? With these systems I can get the most out of your organic traffic since my specialization has made me use them everyday.

    Amazon SEO

    We are able to refine the list of products you offer by setting up Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) techniques. They will make potential users find them. We are going to increase your income that way.

    SEO Locations

    How can we help you?

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    “I am very grateful to this company because it helped my website to have a better positioning in Google. Now it is one of the first three. Also, with all the visits I have, my earnings are a lot. I really recommend it. ”

    Zac Haggard

    Digital Marketing Manager

    “In order to achieve excellent strategies for my website to have more and more sales, I decided to hire ingenieroSEO and I must say that every strategy they proposed worked for me because now my sales are bigger and I have a high web traffic. ”

    Tammi Mayer

    Inbound Marketing Specialist

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    What is SEO in Utah?

    SEO positioning consists of ensuring that your website is more visited by search engines. This helps you generate more revenue.

    Do you optimize for all search engines?

    Yes, we optimize for all search engines, as we cover highly efficient and comprehensive SEO guidelines.

    Can I do SEO myself?

    Yes, you could do it. But to achieve it you must prepare yourself intellectually, studying the science behind SEO and taking different courses. Of course, we are willing to do it for you.

    How much does it cost to implement an SEO campaign?

    It is advisable to hire an experienced SEO agency or expert, and this cost should be included in your marketing budget. The amount you should expect to pay is aligned with the scope of work needed to ensure success. A digital agency or SEO expert will charge after considering the scope of the project and once you have presented your predetermined expectations. The average hourly rate of employing an agency or SEO expert is approximately $60 per hour.

    How long does SEO take to work?

    This depends entirely on your goals and the search campaign tactics you employ. Most SEO experts estimate four to six months before you start seeing results. Keep in mind that this is when you start seeing results, not when you achieve your identified goals.

    Is SEO or paid advertising better?

    SEO and pay-per-click or other paid media options work together to boost your website and position your brand as an authority in your industry or niche. SEO often gives you a much better return on investment compared to paid media options. That’s not to say that SEO is cheap and easy; it takes a good amount of time and resources to do well, but its long-term rewards are immense and sustainable. Most of the time, SEO and paid advertising will work together to deliver the best results.