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Customized SEO training solutions for companies and professional teams.

1. Why our customized SEO training?

On many occasions the training of postgraduate degrees and courses that are given in business schools or universities do not meet the most specific needs of a company or an already qualified professional.

Customized SEO training, whether in person or online, offers companies an almost infinite capacity for planning, developing and monitoring programs at the highest level, since it is given by active professionals.

Having a team of experts who dedicate their day-to-day professional work to different areas of SEO is a service that more and more companies and area managers are asking us for. Why? For many reasons:

  • They need training in new techniques or areas of SEO.
  • They need to update technical or business knowledge about those techniques that have become obsolete.
  • They need to promote certain strategies and see in us the opportunity to make their board of directors understand the importance or value that SEO brings to their business strategies.

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2. Academic training

We collaborate in the management and teaching of different SEO postgraduate degrees in training centers and business schools.

In Ingeniero SEO we have a lot of experience as trainers of future professionals in several business schools. Alberto Fernández has participated in:

KSCHOOLAula CMCICE - La escuela profesional de nuevas tecnologíasCEREMAula creativa

Cámara de Valenciaseo warriors


  • Training in Valencia Chamber of Commerce 2020
  • Postgraduate degree SEO SEM Professional at KSchool (Madrid) – SEO Case Studies
  • Director and professor of the postgraduate degree SEM, SEO, Google Analytics and Usability at CICE (Madrid)
  • Professor of the postgraduate degree Specialized in Social Media Manager, Online Marketing and Customer Management at CICE (Madrid)
  • Professor of the SEO Intensive Course at CICE (Madrid)
  • Professor of the postgraduate degree in Marketing and Digital Communication Management at CEREM (Madrid).
  • Teacher of SEM in Aula Creactiva (Madrid)

3. SEO Congresses and Events

Escuela IT

SEO and Content
03 Apr 2020
IT Meetings #StayHome


There is life beyond Google Adwords
23 Feb 2017
Caja Círculo Foundation

Congreso SEO

Case Study in the online pharmacy sector
02 Jul 2016
Main Hall

4. Steps of a customized SEO training

Identifying needs

We need to know your training needs, as well as the profiles of the people who will attend the sessions

Development and adaptation of the program

We will create a training program tailored to meet your needs and expectations

Updated content

SEO is a discipline in constant change and evolution. We will develop completely updated contents adapted to your business

One-time training or a complete program

We offer one-day sessions or more complete training with as many sessions as necessary and as planned in advance

Practical and theoretical training

We are certain that only by practicing can you learn, so it is essential that all our customized training courses have a high practical component

5. How can we help you grow?

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1. Why our customized SEO training?

2. Academic training

3. SEO Congresses and Events

4. Steps of a SEO training

5. How can we help you grow?

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