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    I am SEO consultant in Columbus and I will position your business in search engines.

    I want to be your SEO freelance in Columbus. Do we work together?

    I am Alberto Fernández , a computer engineer and director of the SEO engineer. I am in charge of the SEO positioning of companies in Columbus from Spain. With 12 years of experience in SEO and demonstrable results.

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    City in Ohio

    Columbus is the state capital of Ohio. Scioto Mile is a series of city parks on both sides of the Scioto River, with a large interactive fountain and trails. On the west shore, the COSI Science Center features hands-on exhibits and a planetarium. Downtown, the Columbus Museum of Art includes American and European paintings, plus a sculpture garden. The German Village area has of brick homes built by 19th century settlers.

    Population: 878.553 (2019)

    Postal codes: 43085; 43201-43236; 43240; 43251; 43260; 43265-43266; 43268; 43270-43272; 43279; 43287; 43291; 43299

    As a freelancer I provide you with my direct experience and time. I will direct the project with your team without intermediaries.

    As SEO Expert in Columbus I offer you the best performance of your business on the Internet.

    Reasons to hire a freelance SEO expert in Columbus and not an agency:

    • You know who is really running your project, it’s the person you hire.
    • Fast and direct communication.
    • Authentic specialization.
    • Direct involvement with your project.
    • No cost overruns or unnecessary surcharges.

    You can check our SEO client portfolio and their real results.

    Real results by increasing traffic + leads + sales

    20.000 39.000 58.000 Oct 18Dic 19ingenieroSEO10-dic-2018Start of SEO strategy execution ingenieroSEO01-nov-2019Phase 1 delivery
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    Methodology of work

    Each website is different and your business deserves a personal SEO strategy.

    Dedication, honesty, commitment, experience and transparency are my mottos as a SEO expert in Columbus.

    Initial meeting

    We will plan a small meeting to chat about your project and your business, objectives and competition and check your website in SEO terms together.

    Initial setup and objectives

    We need to know your needs, your business and your objectives to establish impact recommendations at the lowest price.

    Technical audit

    We will make the technical part of your web development indexed, tracked and interpreted appropriately.


    To discover opportunities it is important to know our buyer persona, user research and our universe of profitable keywords (keyword research). We also need to have a good SWOT analysis of our competition (benchmark).

    User and Keyword Research

    Who is looking for what you offer? How do they look for it? Where? What do they really write in the search engine bar? We must resolve these issues to meet our organic visibility goals.

    Competitive benchmarking

    Who really is your online competition? What strategies do they carry out? What weaknesses do they have? What strengths? With this information we will have a clearer way to follow.


    Of your content and your popularity on the Internet.

    Monitoring and reporting

    My own work documents will serve as real-time reports to make the most of the time you hire me.

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    Search Engine Optimization in Columbus

    This will be your SEO team in Colombus:

    • Freelance SEO Director at Colombus, Alberto Fernández
    • Bilingual SEO content team to carry out content and copywriting techniques
    • Communication and link building team
    • Development team to perform technical optimizations

    As a SEO Freelance in Colombus , I will improve the SEO positioning of your project and make it profitable.

    SEO Services in Colombus

    In SEO, it is essential to know well our priorities. The proper order of our actions will lead us to a better impact on your business. Let’s position it with a good SEO strategy in Colombus.

    Keyword Research & Strategy

    As a expert SEO in Colombus , I will find out what keywords your potential customers type in search engines.

    Link Building

    Backlinks (incoming links to your website from other websites) are the principal factor of search engine positioning. Let’s deploy communication campaigns on sites that your clients consult frequently to promote your business in Colombus.

    Technical SEO

    Discovering technical errors is necessary for SEO optimization. Let’s make your website easy to find for search engines.

    Local SEO

    More than 60% of users search for local businesses on the web. As a SEO consultant in Colombus , I will bring the highest local SEO traffic to your business. I will improve your website and your Google My Business (GMB) profile, so your business will be more visible than your competition.

    On-Page SEO

    I will perfect the different on-page factors of your website, such as HTML, microformats, etc.

    SEO Competition Analysis

    I will help you make decisions based on a thorough study of your competition.

    eCommerce SEO

    Stores are the simplest SEO projects to measure their impact. A SEO campaign dedicated to sell or to make your products known for new users works very well in search engines.

    Content Writing

    Search engines favor those websites that frequently innovate their content. To achieve this, it is vital to know your potential client to satisfy their needs, present and future.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    When we have brought traffic through SEO or PPC, we will continue our mission with a constant optimization of the conversion rate of our company’s goals. Let’s make your project profitable without interruptions.

    Franchise SEO

    Does your business work in more than one location? Let’s design local SEO strategies for all of them and create a common brand. We will improve your results this way.

    Shopify SEO

    Do you use Shopify, WordPress, Prestashop or similar systems? My large experience with them will give you a better return on your organic traffic.

    Amazon SEO

    As your SEO Expert in Colombus, I will use Amazon Marketing SEO (AMS) techniques. Your products will achieve a greater reach and you will have more income in Colombus.

    SEO Locations

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    SEO positioning of new brands

    Use an SEO campaign to give popularity to new watch brands on the market that are marketed on my website.

    Created with Sketch. Columbus, City in Ohio - 43201

    Work from:Advanced SEO Audit, Link building, SEO Copywriting

    Education SEO campaign

    To give popularity to my website, which provides face-to-face and distance learning tools that are ideal for both teachers and students.

    Created with Sketch. Columbus, City in Ohio - 43224

    Work from:International SEO Consultant, Contact, SEO Copywriting

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    “To make my website grow, I used all the advice that ingenieroSEO gave me, and it really worked, my website is now very visited and my sales are bigger. I really recommend this company, without any doubt, because the content they write is very fluid and has keywords that are a boom in the market. ”

    Christopher Aniston

    Community Manager

    “My company has had many sales and all thanks to ingenieroSEO. All the restructuring they did to my online store is excellent and up to date. Also this company answered all the questions I asked quickly and clearly and to the point. I recommend them 100%. ”

    Lucius Hamilton

    Social CRM Manager

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    Can you do SEO in Columbus from Spain?

    Currently I work for companies not only in Columbus, but also in more than 3 continents. My job is to help you, I don’t need to be physically present in all the places where I get results.

    How much does it cost to position my brand in Columbus?

    The first thing I will do is analyze your sector and your competitors in Colombus. Based on these 2 factors and the time in which you need results, I will propose an approximate budget to achieve it.