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    As a SEO Consultant in Cleveland I’ll rank your web in order to make your business profitable in search engines.

    I’d be glad to be your Cleveland SEO Expert. Let me help me from this moment forward.

    My name is Alberto Fernandez. As a computer engineer and director of the ingenieroSEO agency, I improve the SEO positioning for businesses in Cleveland from Spain. I have been a SEO specialist for more than 12 years with real results.

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    Ohio Village

    Cleveland is a major Ohio city on the shores of Lake Erie. Iconic sites from its time as a manufacturing center in the early 20th century include the William G. Mather Steamship Museum, now part of the Great Lakes Science Center. It is also known for the majestic Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Orchestra and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, designed by I.M. Pei.

    Population: 385.282 (2019)

    Postal codes: 44101-44149; 44178; 44181; 44185; 44188-44199

    Since I’m a freelancer I can work directly for you, giving you my experience and my time without intermediaries. I will be the one who communicates and works with your team side by side. Are you ready to give the final touch to your website? Do you wish to get the most out of your business? If that’s what you need, forget about agencies and hire a Freelance SEO Expert in Cleveland. I’ll tell you why:

    • You know the specialist who develops your project because he is the one you hire.
    • Direct and quick communication with him.
    • True specialization
    • Real commitment and involvement.
    • Budget that lacks extra costs.

    You can get to know our experience checking our portfolio of SEO users.

    Real results by increasing traffic + leads + sales

    20.000 39.000 58.000 Oct 18Dic 19ingenieroSEO10-dic-2018Start of SEO strategy execution ingenieroSEO01-nov-2019Phase 1 delivery
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    Methodology of work

    I work under these principles: “Dedication, commitment, honesty, experience and transparency”. That gives me the honesty to avoid at all costs to work with packs, but we adjust each project to the client’s needs. That is, we will design a customized SEO strategy to meet your needs. Our methodology is:

    Initial meeting

    If you want to succeed in your digital business, we will start with a brief meeting where we will talk about your project, the business in which you work and the customer market you want to attract. This way, we will know how to study your website in terms of SEO.

    Initial setup and objectives

    Afterwards, I will send you the optimization budget. This document will be free. Of course, if you hire me as your Cleveland SEO Expert I guarantee you will receive great results in a very short time. And best of all, the cost of the project will be very low compared to the competition.

    Technical audit

    For the SEO strategy of your website to work you must have a development structure that meets the necessary requirements so that your digital business can be crawled and located optimally by users. With the Cleveland SEO Consultant ingenieroSEO you will have a perfect web structure that follows the rules set by Google in its guidelines.


    With our tools we will exploit the growth opportunities of your digital business. With the SWOT analysis that we apply, we study the strengths and weaknesses of your competition to make you strong. With the Buyer persona and User research we know the potential customers for your business. And with the keyword research we detect the universe of keywords that will generate profitability for your digital business.

    User and Keyword Research

    Knowing who needs your product or service, how they search for it, where and what they type in the search engines will help us to set our organic visibility objectives so that the project has an adequate SEO path with good results.

    Competitive benchmarking

    Knowing your competition, their SEO strategy, their strengths and weaknesses will help us to propose a SEO strategy that will make your digital business highly competitive, making you the market leader and positioning your website at the top of all search engines. This can only be done by your Cleveland SEO Expert ingenieroSEO.


    With our optimization tools we guarantee that you will receive 100% original content tailored to your needs. This will give you a better position in Google and improve your popularity, which will give you new customers and high web traffic.

    Monitoring and reporting

    I guarantee that I will send you my documents in real time, so you can observe the progress of the whole project. Also, you will know the different statistics that your web contributes to increase the amount of visits and contacts that you get from the integral improvement of your web.

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    Search Engine Optimization in Cleveland

    In Cleveland you will feel the support of a professional team that will generate SEO strategies for your web business to receive many quality visits and higher profits.

    • Freelance SEO Director in Cleveland, Alberto Fernández.
    • Bilingual SEO content team who will provide you content and copywriting techniques.
    • Communication and link building team.
    • Development team to perform technical optimizations.


    As a SEO Expert in Cleveland I offer you the best SEO positioning of your page in order to make it more profitable.

    Cleveland SEO Services

    To carry out our SEO strategy we’ll have prioritize our actions to get the greatest influence for your company as soon as possible. I will learn your needs and present situation to establish the SEO plan that will position your business in Cleveland.

    Keyword Research & Strategy

    As yourSEO specialist in Cleveland, I will research the keywords that your clients use in search engines. I´ll find out what the searches linked to your company and your own keyword universe. That will be the basis for our SEO strategy.

    Link Building

    The backlinks that we generate and the campaigns will make in sites your users often visit will help you to rank higher on the internet and receive many more visits. Hire ingenieroSEO, a responsible company with effective SEO tools.

    Technical SEO

    Correcting technical errors is necessary for SEO optimization. We must assure engines find and interpret your web in the easiest way.

    Local SEO

    64 out of 100 customers want to buy from local websites. We must start by significantly improving the local SEO of your site, optimizing the Google My Business (GMB) and your reputation so that you have more followers and more sales.

    On-Page SEO

    We’ll help you get quality web traffic. How do we achieve this? By publishing specialized and quality content, optimizing the HTML tags and headlines of your website and using high resolution images and good quality content.

    SEO Competition Analysis

    The team of ingenieroSEO will help you take important decisions due to an analysis of your company’s competitors.

    eCommerce SEO

    A SEO campaign developed to make your products and services known for new users works nicely for search engines. We recommend stores that follow SEO strategies.

    Content Writing

    Renew your content periodically and position yourself better. Search engines love pages that renew their content. Hire us and we will publish relevant and reliable information for your site. Choose an SEO company that supports your content needs and strengthens your digital marketing.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    If we finally have traffic we planned (thanks to SEO, PPC, etc.), we must undertake a process of permanent improvement of the conversion rate of our business’ objectives.

    Franchise SEO

    If your company has more than one location, we will carry out local SEO strategies for every location. Our goal is a common brand that increases our results.

    Shopify SEO

    I perfectly know systems like Shopify, WordPress, Prestashop, etc. So I will provide you the most out of your organic traffic if you use them for your business.

    Amazon SEO

    We optimize your Amazon product listings with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) SEO techniques to get your products found by targeted customers to maximize your sales and revenue.

    SEO Locations

    How can we help you?

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    SEO and Marketing Campaign

    To advertise in local social networks and local websites the different washing machine spare parts that I commercialize.

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    Work from:Advanced SEO Audit, Link building, SEO Copywriting

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    “Something that helped me to have a lot of profits was to trust and give the time to ingenieroSEO to optimize all my content. I was satisfied that every question I asked them, they answered me quickly. I am really grateful to have found them on the internet. Everyone should hire them, I recommend them 100%. ”

    Kiefer Cranston

    Chief Digital Officer

    “This company allowed my website to be in one of the first places in Google, generating good earnings and more visits. They generate very effective content and use digital marketing techniques that really work and give you more popularity on the internet. Highly recommended. ”

    Paisley Bullock

    Digital Communication Director

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    Can you do SEO in Cleveland from Spain?

    Nowadays I work for companies not only in Cleveland, but also from 3 different continents. My job is to help them and I don´t need to be in person everywhere I get results

    How much does it cost to position my brand/business in Cleveland?

    The first step is to analize your sector and your competitors in Arizona. Based on these two factors and the time you will need results, I´ll give you an estimate budget to achieve these.